Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What will happen to the images I upload?

A) The re:trace team will assess all images you upload to the site, or otherwise give to us.  If we consider the image appropriate for this project, it will be displayed on this website.  Selected images will then become part of a public exhibition to be displayed within each suburb during Heritage Festival and Artweek Auckland.  For examples of how the images will be displayed, please see the 2016 final displays here.


Q) Why are you asking for these five specific neighbourhoods?

A) Northcote, Onehunga, Henderson, Manukau, and the Auckland waterfront are five areas that have been, or will be going through varying levels of Development by Panuku Development Auckland. Focussing on these areas provides a way to celebrate the heritage of the neighbourhoods, and also look forwards to the future of these prominent Auckland areas.


Q) How long will the images be displayed? Where can I see these images?

A) The exhibitions will be displayed throughout both the Heritage Festival and Artweek Auckland.  Images will be displayed on the website throughout this time. Artweek Auckland will also involve an art exhibition on Auckland's Waterfront, as explained below. 


Q) Can you explain the art piece?  

Five artists, one from each of the five neighbourhoods, will produce an art work based on the heritage display for that neighbourhood. These five artworks will then form part of an exhibition to be displayed on Auckland's Waterfront during Artweek. This will show these five neighbourhoods together, side-by-side.  


Q) How will I know if my image/s are being used?

A) We will inform you via email how we will be using your image. If we will not be using it, we will tell you why, too.  


Q) If my image/s are selected, how will I know where they will be displayed?

A) We will inform you of the dates and locations of the displays via email.


Q) What if my images are selected but I decide I don't want them displayed?

A) By uploading or providing us with imagery, you are consenting to the public usage of your images for the re:trace project. Image consent can be changed or withdrawn at any time by notifying us in writing via post or email. We cannot withdraw images already published for the displays.

Email us at:                                                                                                                                                   Post to: Fresh Concept, PO Box 1708, Shortland Street, Auckland 1140


Q) I have images but I can't get them onto a computer to send. How can I get them to you?

A) Please contact us via phone (022 0956 135) or email ( and we can make arrangements.


Q) Can I take a picture of the image and upload it? 

A) Yes, that is fine. If the uploaded image isn't the best quality, and we would like to use the image, we will contact you to see if we can arrange to have it scanned.


Q) I don't know if my images are right for this project. How do I know what to send?

A) If you're not sure, you're welcome to upload the photo and we'll get back to you. 


Q) Who is funding this project?

A) Panuku Development Auckland are supporting this project. For more information about Panuku Development Auckland, please check out their website, or feel free to email them at 


Q) Who is delivering this project?

A) Fresh Concept is delivering this project. For more information about Fresh Concept, please check out their website, or feel free to email them at